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Industry: Marketing

Founded: 2003

Digital Current is a team that believes in the power of creative thinking joined with strategic execution. Multi-faceted in our experience, we bring a proven and consistent methodology to every client campaign and project.

We are innovative, passionate, creative, collaborative, and we love what we do.

Digital Current isn’t your average marketing company. Where other online marketers are
satisfied with reaching their clients’ goals, we see the difference between A and A+ results.
We understand that every dollar matters, and want our clients to rest assured that their online
marketing investment is in the best of hands. We work tirelessly to deliver nothing but the best and anticipate the excitement that our clients have opening their monthly report to find that we have delivered results beyond their expectations.

Marketing is personal, it’s unique and it’s strategic. No two campaigns are alike, and the
measurement of online marketing success is dependent on the individual objectives and business goals of the client. Digital Current measures success by providing the results that our clients crave. Whether it be developing the most natural backlinks, driving qualified traffic, increasing search engine rankings or generating demand, our results are specific, measurable, timely, and positively impact our clients’ business where and when it counts.

Our clients’ success is our success. Delivering effective solutions has been the heart of our
business for more than 10 years. Online marketing changes at break-neck speeds, and ensuring that our solutions, services, and products are cutting-edge, effective, consistent, and enduring is the commitment we make to our clients.